February 2019

“The weekend was a weaving of many threads brought by each of us Most did not know each other All our hearts were open to what might be possible Space we co created was safe allowing us to touch each other in meaningful ways Imagine how the world will feel when these kinds of exchanges are commonplace"

Dee Deluca, Seed Sultana

Reporting back on Sultanas Gathering,

Jan. 11-13th, 2019

14 adventurous seed Sultanas showed up, stepping into warm healing rays of the sun, overcoming challenges of bad weather, flight disruption, overseas travel and health issues to inaugurate the 1st Sultanas Gathering.


By the end of Sunday, our collective consciousness co-created and agreed upon 5 Sultanas Seed Practices:

Choose joy Be curious Cultivate connection Open to the mystery Embrace change

For individual work, we dove deeply into our own personal pearls of wisdom. We also chose qualities and behaviors that no longer served our evolution into full Sultana-hood. By letting go and surrendering, we were creating spaciousness for recalculating and reinventing.

We initiated the ‘gifting economy” by accepting the AWAKE collection of organic essential oils, folded into the Sultanas kit. We were given tools for creating ritual to help us acknowledge the spaciousness between appointments in our busy lives. A time to breath, ground and protect before stepping out.


Sultanas Gathering 2020

Jan. 10-12, Delray Beach FL.


Continuing to explore the Sultanas focus of "living before dying", we will grapple with some questions. How do we live strong productive lives in community? How do we avoid the old age isolation and loneliness? How do we create co-living collectives for graceful aging and cross-generational shared resources? How to discover what we truly want to leave behind?

Essential to our mission of becoming channels of hope and transformation, we will be inviting Sultanas-in-training [S.I.T] to stimulate energy flowing between generations, jumpstart conversations on ways to interact and communicate for the common good.

Ahh, the work of Sultanas is not for the meek. This is why we lift each other up, sisters of another mother.

Always recalculating and reinventing ‘the moment’ reminding myself to breathe, ground, step in/out, with all cylinders ON. In 6 D: physical body, intuitive sensitivity, thoughtful mind, passionate emotions; ethereal non-attachment and finally, the deep appreciation that we are all one.

How grateful we feel to be part of a community of conscious sisters and new friends; each of us committing to seed Sultana practices, imagining our ‘higher selves’ while supporting each other, our families and communities. By infusing all with joy, we are nurturing compassion and fun.

Now, dancing with pearl mala beads as a reminder of my commitment to growing into full Sultana-hood, I say the words of peace…

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Hinda Miller

Founder, Sultanas Group

PS: Shortly, we will be recalculating and reinventing our web site to include launch of Pithy Pearl Log and Onboarding for New Sultanas.