January 2018

Why Sultanas.biz? Why now? Why invest in personal development, work /family success and collaboration of women & girls?

If Not Now, When? Rabbi Hillel, the Elder

Never before in modern North American history have a generation of women – boomers born 1945-1960- been given so much opportunity to find meaning, be productive and contribute to society. As a generation- from ‘boomers to bloomers”- we are better educated, wealthier and healthier than our mothers.

Why have we been given this opportunity to live healthier lives into our 70’s and 80’s? I believe it is because we still have work to do. To own our wisdom, to assume the mantle of “Elders”/ Sultanas , to share, voice and contribute in making a better world.

My passion for women’s capacity for strength and courage started early; during Sunday morning talks with my father who instilled in me that I could do anything; on the ski hills of Stowe VT, slaloming straight down mogul runs; trying out leadership roles in girls -only secondary school in Montreal; & being lifted up by second-wave feminists during college in NYC.

“By women , for women”, the powerful positioning of the Jogbra product and company, catalyzing our new-found freedom of endorphin-producing running, work before marriage and babies, and a sense of sisterhood that “we were all in this together.”

“Beginner’s mind”, a Buddhist principle, supporting stepping into new experiences without having to know everything, without having to be perfect. Giving us permission to be curious, ask questions & listen.

“No appointment, no disappointment “ Swami Satchidananda, Founder / Integral Yoga. My first yoga teacher emphasizing non-judgement , living in the present, and the power of female Shakti energy in the creative process.

Being grateful for health, independence and wisdom is not enough! We are called to participate in the health, prosperity & positive social change in our families, communities, and national framework. Sultana.biz, still in her embryonic stage of development, will be created by each if us with heart-filled thought, word and action.

Join us in the virtual circle of Sultanas dancing around the fire.