March 2019

“Conscious Sultana living is not for sissy’s! It requires commitment to being the best we can be every moment of the day, no matter what is swirling around us.”

Dee Deluca, Seed Sultana

International Women’s Day on March 8 got me thinking about matriarchal societies. A small indigenous group in Costa Rica, the Bribri, are women-led. This society of 13,000 people is organized into clans that are made up of extended families. With women as the head of the households, they’re the only ones who are able to inherit land. They’re also the breadwinners, processing cacao into chocolate.

Ahhh, The power of the purse and the hearth; the space of Sultanas.

We stand together in the grandmother’s tent; moving things forward, having difficult conversations, keeping things real and current so we are more deeply connected to one another.

Let’s up our connections.

SG is already a hub for ideas and contributions imbedded by many Sultanas. We are in relationship; we are friends and family exploring Sultanas Way, supporting each others’ journey while creating new paradigms of sageing and engaging.

To better align with our intention of building community, connection and resources for fellow Sultanas, we are resigning our website:

Moving forward, we are working to create space on the website to foster, promote and share products and services developed by fellow Sultanas. Something about “putting the Biz, in”. We will keep you informed as the project develops…

NOW is definitely the time to rise up as strong Sultanas for right speech, right thought and right action. “If not now, when?”

Be well and stay in touch. For more info, contact Ashley

Yours in spaciousness and joy,

Hinda Miller

Founder, Sultanas Group