October 2018

“What day is it?” Asked Pooh

“It’s today”, sqeaked Piglet

“My favorite day.” Said Pooh

AA Milne

Ahhh, living in the present moment, that’s where our power resides.

Here in Vermont, it’s a time of seasonal changes. The wind is up, the temperature is falling; the leaves

are turning red and the acorns are falling. From sandals to shoes to boots; from cotton, to silk, to wool.

It has been a busy summer of life changes: birth, death, health issues and relationship building. These shared stories of Sultanas experiences in our autumnal cycles brings us wisdom to generate positive change especially when we collaborate effectively

Aging, Sage-ing and Engaging

We are Sultanas, women of a certain age, leaning into our third and fourth acts, consciously recalculating and reinventing ourselves while transforming the current paradigm of aging through …’sage-ing’ (life-long learning / community building / service), and engaging.

Sultanas Radiance is what we seek:

“When she is in the room, life gets more interesting”

Our intention is to shape the human experience as social sculpture. Just as a sculptor chips away until the truth of the stone is revealed, we want to chip away, let go and release the triggers and habits, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us as Sultanas.

Some of us are gathering in Delray Beach Florida Jan. 11-13, 2019 to experience time and space for being in grace and dynamic ease.

By sharing our portals of experience in spiritual eldering, healthy holistic aging, and death, dying and documents, we will deepen our understanding on how to generate positive change.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ashley Grant, Ashley@sultanas.biz.

Until then, Dance on,

Hinda Miller

Founder, Sultanas Group