June 2018

Dear Sultanas, Namaste.

Sultanas feel comfortable dancing in the metaphysical realm of conscious where universal laws of nature rule. We explore fundamental questions, including the nature of existence, space and time, cause and effect, possibility and how these categories of being are interrelated.

If we want to synchronize the energy of this age, we must open our hearts for healing and recalculating. Only then, we will find what we love and love what we do, with new purpose in our Sultanas cycle.

“When women come together [with open heart] and unite. They can change the world” Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Rootlight.org

Sultanas can consciously initiate and support disruption and positive change by proximity, by coaching, by resourcing and by caring. We can also practice activating the Human Factor through nurturing and caring for self, family and community, as well as sharing with word, song and movement.

And it starts with the little things that encompass the whole universe.

Like my friend and Aileen Waech experienced in her garden:

“A typical city lot which had only sand for soil. And with time and effort some weed pulling in a lot of dirt under the nails, we have transformed it. To be filled in abundance with a diversity of plants and animals had to start with the soil."


Being the change we want to experience. Thank you, Gandha-ji.

Yallah, Sultanas!

Hinda Miller, Founder

The Sultanas Group

What’s New

Sultana Gathering Fall

September 7-8, Burlington, VT

Collaborating with other Sultanas, themes and questions are emerging for the Fall Gathering.

· How do we embody Sultanas?

· How do we practice moving towards ease and integrating the sensation/ joy of movement?

· How do we explore sound, rhythm, beat, poetry, and storytelling allowing us to penetrate the metaphysical interconnected field of being Sultanas?

· What is the Sultana cycle? Sow-grow-compost.

At this point in life, we are constantly experiencing birth and death and everything in between.

The Italian word for birthing means “giving to the light”, therefor the work of dying is “returning to the light”. So we will tease out the roles of birth doula and death doula.

Sista’ Sultanas will guide our dancing, prayer, song and beat to sanctify our journey together.

Plus, we will enjoy local Vermont farm-to-plate food, drink and the company of amazing Sultanas.

Click Here for more information and to register.

Click Here to reserve a hotel room at a discounted rate if booked before Aug. 1st.

Also, be sure to check out our newest class of Sultanas! Sultanas@Work

Starlene’s Corner

Teresa Hodge/Mission: Launch. Inc.

Starlene’s Corner is inspired by a beautiful, honey-brown millennial women who worked the early am shift @ my hotel during New Profit’s 20th Anniversary Gathering of Leaders. She radiated lightness, efficiency and general coolness even at 6: 45 AM. Starlene represents all women, of all diversities, who are contributing to make this world a better place, if only with her positive energy. My goal, in Starlene’s Corner, is to highlight women who are making a difference in their world.

One such woman is Teresa Hodge, Co-founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation for Mission Launch, Inc.

Teresa is passionate about using technology and technological education to create digital inclusion for

Teresa Hodge with Hinda and Tulaine Montgomery, Director of New Profit

people living with criminal records. As part of this mission, she has developed a credit system that allows those who are re-entering society after prison to develop a credit score that reflects their life after prison Over 700,000 people return from prison every year needing to open bank accounts, secure housing and apply for jobs, but the current system of credit scores does not account for personal rehabilitation leaving these citizens underserved by the mainstream financial institutions. Teresa Hodge with Hinda and Tulaine Montgomery, Director of New Profit

She is now in the process of “training her algorithm” and building partnerships with banks to increase implementation. You can learn more about Teresa and her projects at www.mission-launch.org/teresa_hodge