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Doesn’t everything die at last and too soon?
Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver


JOIN US! We are Sultanas!



Our name, Sultanas, was inspired by the life of a Royal Regent of the Ottoman Empire & Mother of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Hafsa Sultana (1459-1534). As powerful woman working behind the scenes, she affected positive change by building hospitals, schools and places of worship as well as promoting beauty and design.

We are women of a certain age, leaning into our Third and Fourth Acts, recalculating and reinventing ourselves to be of value to each other and younger generations. From Aging to Sageing to Engaging, we are working and playing for positive relationships and change in the world.


BY INVITE ONLY: You have been chosen by Hinda Miller, Founder of Sultanas Group or another Sultana for your qualities of conscious living, joy and wisdom. Along the journey of Sultanas Way, we are embracing seed practices and rhythmic flow.

Choose joy * Be curious *Cultivate connection*

Open to the mystery *Embrace change

Stability* Mobility*Agility *Flexibility


We Sultanas make time for ritual as a way to appreciate the spaciousness between appointments. All Sultanas receive a Sultanas kit, the AWAKE Collection of essential oils, as part of the “gifting economy” of giving and-receiving. For more info, contact Ashley.

As part of Sultanas Group, you will be invited to Sultanas Gatherings, receive newsletters, special invites, and opportunities to contribute your thoughts.

If you have the time and intention to play, please join Sultanas Group.Click here for New Sultanas Onboarding.


Join us! You will be part of a movement of women who are exploring how we want to live before we die. We are Sultanas, working and playing for positive relationships and change in the world.


Yours in spaciousness and joy,

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Hinda Miller

Founder, Sultanas Group