experimental & essential

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'Apotheca' — a storehouse or place

Where healers harvest,

compound & roll

Dispensing botanical

medicines & dilutions

To soothe body & mind & soul.

Appreciating female life

cycles & changes 

Experiential / experimental / & essential

Vibrating electro-magnetic waves

For self-caring

and the wellness we crave.

AWAKE Collection \ 2019 

The AWAKE Collection is centered on the Throat chakra where the heart (emotions) and head (thoughts) synergize, where the power of the word and sound can transform everything we are and everything we do. 

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"I wanted to slow down and create ceremony in the act of stepping into our everyday lives. With the spaciousness and graciousness between here and there, we have created elements of ritual to AWAKE to the present moment, the possibilities, the fun!"

Hinda Miller

Founder, Sultanas Group  

Take a few minutes before leaving the house, the car, before stepping into dance class, a meeting, and pull out the Sultanas kit; AWAKE by clearing the breath, nourishing the lips, protecting the throat and balancing the realms. Collection is made of 100% organic essential oils, sustainably sourced with no animal testing. Co-created with Cary Caster, founder of 21 Drops, Del Ray Beach, Fl.

CLEARING: Nasal inhaler to awaken the sinus and breathing track [Cinnamon, eucalyptus, black pepper]

HEALING: Balm to heal the lips as a portal for uplifting word and song [Lime, Bergamot mint., beeswax, oils]

PROTECTING: Sultanas scent to deflect negative microbial energy when applied to the throat [tamala, clove, cinnamon, lemon]

BALANCING: Sultanas Scent to help encourage balance when applied to throat [Siberian fir, rose]


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