3D Ball




discovering pithy pearls
to lift us up

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I just realized that I have yet to experience a challenging event—a bad thing—that didn't help to precipitate, later on (often much later on), something good and positive. A silver lining, if you will, which allows me to see the bad things as just a part of this process we call life. I am glad to be old enough now to be able to look back in this way.

Karen Yacos

My community has my ear and my elbow grease. I give time to help folks live well until they die. I give time and money to aid one woman at a time start-life over after prison. My paycheck comes from dairy farmers, who also give me love in return. I hope whereI can right in front of me. The rest of the world will eventually feel the ripple.

Roberta MacDonald

Save your money so you can move to Florida.

Eva Lauber

Planting the seeds of power now. Spirals of growth...moving to the right with intention

and then to they left with manifest.

Process and Presence is the journey.

Marie Frohlich

Find a place of rest

in the Middle

of Things

Frank Ostaseski, author The Five Invitations

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I’m much smarter than I thought I was, and the principle evidence of this is that I don’t have to prove how smart I am anymore.

Merrill Greene, Sultana, c-suite executive

Rigorous friendships between women

are built on a thousand small kindnesses,
 swapped back and forth. 

Michelle Obama 

Reaching across the aisle,

finally recognizing them as our own. 

Marie Frohlich, Sultana, health coach

If there’s something in the way of our flow,

we have to get it out of the way. 
Get out of our own way and keep moving

Adia Victoria, musician, singer, composer