We are Sultanas,

women of a certain age,

leaning into our Third and Fourth Acts,


recalculating and reinventing ourselves

to be of value

to each other and younger generations.

From Aging to Sageing to Engaging,

we work and play

for positive relationships and

change in the world.



After serving 10 years as a Vermont State Senator, 

Hinda Miller was left wondering "what's next?"

On a family trip to Istanbul 2011, while visiting the Topaki Palace on the Bosphorus River in Istanbul, Hinda’s imagination was captured by the story of Sultana Hafsa Sultana (1459-1534)  Regent of the Ottoman Empire for 14 years until her prodigious son Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was old enough to rule.  


Her inspiring story of authority & influence behind the scenes was  magnified by stories of compassion for her people. While in power, she built hospitals, schools and places of worship as well as supported local artisans and artists.



Hinda Miller enjoys creating

conditions for personal growth

and organizational excellence.

She is passionate about coaching

women entrepreneurs, c-suite executives,

as well as those

transitioning into ‘retryment’.  

She believes that 

‘success is an inside job’

and specializes in holistic work/family balance

for good effect.

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