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Hinda Miller enjoys creating conditions for personal growth and organizational excellence. She specializes in coaching women entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, as well as those transitioning into ‘retryment.’ Certified by International Coaching Federation and Gestalt International Study Center, Hinda Miller specializes in holistic work/family balance for good effect.

Hinda is also available for speaking engagements on a wide range of subjects affecting women and girls, politics and entrepreneurship.


In 1977 Hinda co-invented the original sports bra, “The Jogbra,” and co-founded the company that built an international apparel brand. An iconic symbol for women’s changing circumstances on the playing fields and boardrooms, "the Jogbra product" and archives are housed in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC. After selling the company to Sara Lee Corp., she served as Corporate President of Champion Jogabra division.


In 2002, Hinda was elected to Vermont State Senate and served for ten years, championing health, human & women’s rights as well as entrepreneurial business and job creation.


She was honored for her contribution to women and sports in 2015 by receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Sterling University, Scotland.


Her board work includes Fortune 500 Company, Keurig Green Mountain, developing expertise in sustainability/corporate responsibility as well as Champlain College & UVM Sustainable Innovation MBA. Currently, she serves Girltrek, Kids4Peace and teaches NIA movement classes.


Cara Feldman Hunt,

Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health

Seeing Hinda helped me focus on what is important to me both personally and professionally. I saw her during a pivotal time in my career. I gained self awareness, space in my life, strength and clarity.  My uncertainty decreased and I realized that whatever path I took it would be a good one. I learned I could let go of controlling things I had no control over. I am now enjoying my process rather than stressing about it. Our time together was  invaluable.

Lorilee Schoenbeck, ND

Mountain View Natural Medicine

Hinda's coaching has powerfully advanced my leadership skills. She brings a perfect blend of head and heart to the work. Hinda uses her uncommon combination of business acumen, political experience and deep interpersonal knowledge to help her clients contact their mission, and manifest it powerfully in their own lives. I don't think I could have picked up some of the perfect tools she's shared from any other source, actually. Hinda's work gets my highest recommendations for anyone who wants to move their business, activism, leadership or greatest goals forward.

Danielle Poirier, 

Cabot Cheese Co-op

Working with Hinda afforded me a chance to see what I didn’t see–how to handle different situations and different people while keeping who I was and why I am valued centermost in my career. I’m more confident in what I can contribute. I’m more effective and no longer let doubt creep in.